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Whenever I discover that someone from my university is an up-and-coming star recording artist or a successful entrepreneur or snagged an awesome position in a big investment bank I’m like wow these are people with talent and they go to MY school. Of course I’m a little envious, but boy do I look up to them. How amazing that people of such intelligence and skill are my classmates… it’s hard to believe sometimes, but it makes me so happy that my classmates are so hardworking. It puts a smile on my face and makes me want to work harder; it makes me believe that I can also get to where I want to be. So, I hope that my efforts won’t go to waste. Maybe one day I will be like them. 

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Artemisia Andromeda

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The Quercus Desk Lamp

Max Ashford, a talented product design student from the Falmouth University has created Quercus, a modern desk lamp.

For more information and images, visit WE AND THE COLOR.

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"In man creature and creator are united: in man there is not only matter, shred, excess, clay, mire, folly, chaos; but there is also the creator, the sculptor, the hardness of the hammer, the divinity of the spectator, and the seventh day—do ye understand this contrast?"

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